The Telastrian Song (Society of the Sword Volume 3)

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A remote farm and meagre crops are a far cry from Ostenheim and the life of a banneret, but they are not far enough. For Soren to be free of Amero, there is only one answer.

In Ostenheim, Duke Amero presides over a war-weary population and an empty treasury, but still he hungers for more.

An Intelligencier uncovers the disturbing resurgence of sorcery in the city, while an avaricious colleague sees the chance to prove his worth to the Duke.

Enemies and allies emerge from unexpected places, as Soren must face his former patron and idol for a final reckoning.

The Telastrian Song follows The Huntsman’s Amulet and is the concluding part of the Society of the Sword Trilogy.

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Tour Guide Cover

I mentioned in my last post that I was putting together a tour guide for Ostenheim. It’s progressing well, but still needs a little more work – I want to finish the whole thing before I start posting it up. I have however done up a cover for it, which I’m posting now. The first part should be online next week (I hope!).

I hope everyone’s well and enjoying the last few days of summer.

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