The Telastrian Song (Society of the Sword Volume 3)

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A remote farm and meagre crops are a far cry from Ostenheim and the life of a banneret, but they are not far enough. For Soren to be free of Amero, there is only one answer.

In Ostenheim, Duke Amero presides over a war-weary population and an empty treasury, but still he hungers for more.

An Intelligencier uncovers the disturbing resurgence of sorcery in the city, while an avaricious colleague sees the chance to prove his worth to the Duke.

Enemies and allies emerge from unexpected places, as Soren must face his former patron and idol for a final reckoning.

The Telastrian Song follows The Huntsman’s Amulet and is the concluding part of the Society of the Sword Trilogy.

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What I’m working on…

In creating the Middle Sea world for the Society of the Sword Trilogy, and the other stories I’m writing set there, I’ve amassed a pretty voluminous file of notes—details about the world which help me when writing, but would only drag the plot pacing to a halt if included in the narrative. I think the file runs to about 250,000 words at the moment, so there’s quite a bit there!

I was reading some old travel guides for another project I’m working on, or hoping to get going with before the end of the year and a thought occurred to me for some fun blog posts. I’m cobbling together some of the notes on Ostenheim into a tour guide of sorts. I’ll post it up in a series of instalments here over the next few weeks—the first one should be ready in a few days. It should give a bit more of a flavour to the city, its culture, and people, but there won’t be any narrative to it; it’s just for a bit of fun.

Otherwise, I’m going through the line edits on my next book at the moment. I’m tempted to do a title reveal on that now, but I’m not 100% on it yet, so stay tuned!

I hope everyone’s having a great summer!

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