The Huntsman's AmuletThe Huntsman’s Amulet (Society of the Sword Volume 2)

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Alone in a foreign land, Soren must come to terms with loss and a gift that has been as much a burden as a benefit.

A long abandoned city may hold the answers he seeks about the Gift of Grace, but a lethal assassin proves that old enemies have not forgotten him.

As misfortune pulls him ever farther from an unsettled score, he finds hope in an unexpected place…

The Huntsman’s Amulet follows The Tattered Banner and is the second part of the Society of the Sword trilogy.

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One of the things that came out of The Tattered Banner and the world building that I did for it was that I realised there were a lot of places and characters that I wanted to look at in more detail.

One of those characters is Ranph dal Bragadin, so he’s the subject of the book that I’m working on at the moment while waiting for the final part of the Society of the Sword trilogy to come back from copy edit, looking at what happens to him after the events in The Tattered Banner.

Which brings me on to the final part of Society of the Sword. Unfortunately it’s going to be delayed from late spring to mid summer for reasons beyond my control. However, it is all written, and all that remains is some of the final editing polish.

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