Review time

The only way I can describe waiting for reviews to come in is like putting a porcelain vase out on the footpath and handing everyone who walks by a baseball bat (my original analogy was far cruder, but this is a family place!).

Here’s a couple that you can peruse at your leisure. Naturally I’ve excerpted the bits that make me sound good!

The first is from The Fantasy Review Barn, reviewed by Pauline M. Ross. Here’s a little of what she had to say:

Fortunately, the author avoids getting too entrenched in schoolroom dramas and Soren is soon out and about wielding his rapier and discovering the extent of his extraordinary gift. These early battles are beautifully described, the highpoint of the book for me, and I loved every moment of each one (especially the belek).

You can read the entire review here.

Next up is from Reading Realms, reviewed by Jeremy Xaraan. Here’s his bottom line:

 A reader looking for a good, fast-paced fantasy story should definitely pick this up, as well as anyone that reads urban fantasy that may be looking to stick their foot into more traditional fantasy novels.  If you’ve read and enjoyed Among Thieves by Douglas Hulick or Brent Weeks’Night Angel trilogy, you should definitely give The Tattered Banner a try.

The full review can be found here.

(note: italics are my addition)

The Tattered Banner Map

I hummed and hawed about putting a map up for the locations in The Tattered Banner for a while, but have decided that I will.

The first thing to note is that it contains locations relevant to The Tattered Banner story exclusively. There are other towns etc that aren’t in the story (but do feature in others), so haven’t been included on this map.

The second thing is, it’s a representation of the locations, and is not exactly to scale. (This is a cunning ploy to avoid any comments that characters would need to be flying concorde/walking backwards for a journey to have taken x amount of time!)

Anyway, I love looking at maps, and quite like staring at this one. I hope you guys do too!

So, here it is, a map of the Duchy of Ostia and the Principality of Ruripathia!The Tattered Banner Map