The Middle Sea World

I’ve been playing about with my world map in photoshop for a while, making something large that I can cut bits out of and use to make consistent regional maps for my books. I decided to take that whole outline and make a full world map that contains all the regions that appear in the stories I’ve written about the Middle Sea world.

It only outlines the different countries, not  all the individual locations, and even then only very generally. I think it would become too cluttered with the extra detail. Each regional map will be cut out of the template used to make this one to keep everything consistent, and the detail can go in on those. There’s also a lot of terra incognito, that will be updated as and when I write something that fills in the detail for that area. For example, there are a lot more rivers in this world, but I’ve only included those that have appeared in a story, or the world building for a story that I’ve written.

So here it is, the product of several hours playing around with photoshop, The States of the Middle Sea.

For anyone interested in playing about with making their own maps, I would really recommend checking out The Cartographers’ Guild website. A tonne of tips, tutorials, resources and inspiration all just a click away!

What I’m working on…

The sequel to The Tattered Banner is back from the editor, so most of my effort is going into working through the changes on that. Still on track for my intended release window (it’s a large one!) and I’m starting to think about cover design. Usually I have a pretty clear idea of what direction I want to go in, but not the case this time around! Not yet anyway!

I’m also spending a bit of time each day working on the final part of the Society of the Sword trilogy, which is between drafts 1 and 2, as there’s a subplot that I want to develop before I go back through the entire manuscript. I’m keeping time free to do this every day, as I like the continuity that I get by working on Book 2 at the same time. It’s only tidying up and polishing for Book 2 at this point, but I find it helps with keeping the tone consistent, rather than working on them in isolation.

That’s all for today. I hope everyone’s enjoying their summer!

The Tattered Banner on sale…

I’m having a summer sale for The Tattered Banner; for today and tomorrow it will be priced at $2.99 and the equivalent in other currencies on international sites!

In other news, just finished watching the entire Shrek series. I’d forgotten how absolutely brilliant it is!

On milestones…

I hadn’t really thought about it all that much, but a recent Kindleboards forum topic (a great resource for writers, by the way) brought up the idea of milestones in writing and publishing, so I had a look back over my ever-growing collection of spreadsheets, and realised that I had hit one of those milestones last weekend; at some point in the wee hours of Saturday morning (at least over on my side of the Atlantic anyway!), I passed 1,000 sales of The Tattered Banner.

With that in mind, I just wanted to say thanks! To everyone who has bought it and read it, thanks for taking a chance on it. I really hope you enjoyed it, and feel that your investment of time and money was worth it. Good, bad or indifferent, I’m always interested to hear what you think of it, so feel free to drop me a line to share your thoughts!

To the book bloggers that agreed to take a look at The Tattered Banner and take the time to write a review, thanks! I’m pretty sure I’ve thanked you all individually, but it bears repeating. Reviews are absolutely vital for any author. It’s common knowledge that most book bloggers that are open to indie authors get swamped with submissions. I’m sure that can get tedious, but you guys are vital for new authors, so I hope you keep giving the new guys a chance, and I really appreciate you taking the time to give me a chance!

Edited to add – I should have included a thank you to everyone who has left a review, not just the book bloggers! I really appreciate the extra time you’ve taken to leave one!