Dragonslayer (The Dragonslayer Book 1)

Dragonslayer (The Dragonslayer Book 1)

In his magnificent, heroic, adventure fantasy, Dragonslayer, Duncan M. Hamilton debuts the first book in a fast-moving trilogy: a dangerous tale of lost magics, unlikely heroes, and reawakened dragons.

With the dragons believed dead, the kingdom had no more need for dragonslayers.

Drunk, disgraced, and all but forgotten, Guillot has long since left his days of heroism behind him.

As forgotten places are disturbed in the quest for power, and things long dormant awaken, the kingdom finds itself in need of a dragonslayer once again, and Guillot is the only one left...

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About the Book

“Successfully mixes swords, sorcery, and skullduggery with complex characters. Dumas fans will especially appreciate the faux-French setting. This is pure adventure fun with plenty for epic fantasy readers to enjoy.”—Publishers Weekly

“Charming [and] entertaining. Recommended for fans of dragons and medieval settings.”—Library Journal

Series: Dragonslayer, Book 1
Genre: Fantasy
Publisher: Tor Books
Publication Year: 2019
ISBN: 9781250306739
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