Servant of the Crown (The Dragonslayer Book 3)

Servant of the Crown (The Dragonslayer Book 3)

The Exciting Conclusion to the Dragonslayer Trilogy

Long laid plans finally bear fruit, but will it prove as sweet as hoped for? With the king on his deathbed, the power Amaury has sought for so long is finally in his grasp.

As opposition gathers from unexpected places, dragonkind fights for survival and a long-awaited reckoning grows close.

Soléne masters her magic, but questions the demands the world will make of her. Unable to say no when the call of duty comes, Gill realizes that the life he had given up on has not given up on him.

Once a servant of the crown, ever a servant of the crown...

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About the Book
Series: Dragonslayer, Book 3
Genre: Fantasy
ISBN: 9781250306852
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