I spy, with my little eye…

…something beginning with D!

I wasn’t expecting to see this when I went abrowsing on Amazon today… Dragonslayer is already up for preorder! I guess that’s the release date announcement taken care of!

I hope everyone’s well, and looking forward to the summer! (if you’re in the northern hemisphere… otherwise, I hope you had a nice summer!)

4 thoughts on “I spy, with my little eye…

  1. Awesome, can’t wait to read the next series in the story. Love the world you’ve created. It’s going to be a long wait.

  2. I have ALL of your books and Audio Books through Amazon, However I just recently went to a Kobo e-reader, it’s a bigger e-reader and a lot more adjustable for my older eyes. I cannot find your books on this medium. Is this because you are Locked into a contract with Amazon and are not allowed to offer books through another medium or venue. If so I understand, but if not PLEASE offer your e-books though the Kobo bookstore. https://www.kobo.com/
    Thanks in Advance.

    • Hi Mark,
      Thanks for getting in touch. Right now it makes more sense for me to be exclusive with Amazon (some of their programs require this for renewable periods), but its a situation that I monitor on a regular basis, so that may change in the future. All of my books are supplied without any Digital Rights Management protection, so you should be able to convert the Kindle files to one compatible with your Kobo – I don’t know how to do this myself, but I believe there is free software available that allows you do this pretty easily.

      • Hi Duncan,
        Thanks for the advise, I downloaded Calibre. It’s an Open Source FREE program available for Windows, Apple, and Linux. It was very easy to get my books off Amazon saved to my computer added each one to Calibre, and one at a time converted to EPUB so my Kobo can use them. It worked Awesome. Looking forward to Anything you have to write in the future.

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