Jorundyr’s Path – Wolf of the North Book 2 Out Now!

Hey folks,

A quick post to let you know that Jorundyr’s Path – Wolf of the North Book 2 is out now and live on Amazon. The paperback version will be available in a couple of weeks – I’ll let you know when.

Here’s the back cover copy:

Jorundyr’s Path is walked only by the brave. It is survived only by the strong.

As Wulfric pursues Adalhaid’s Blood Debt, he soon learns that the path to revenge is never easy, and the desires of men and the will of gods rarely meet. Aethelman seeks answers to questions long ignored. Rodulf chases power and wealth.

From the streets of Elzburg to the dry plains of Darvaros, Wulfric walks Jorundyr’s Path and encounters a world larger than he could ever have dreamed of: filled with friends, enemies, and danger—the crucible from which heroes are forged.

You can get your copy now at the following links:

Amazon US
Amazon UK

I hope you have a great week – and that you really enjoy Jorundyr’s Path!

8 thoughts on “Jorundyr’s Path – Wolf of the North Book 2 Out Now!

  1. Hello! Thank you so much I read this book in one sitting because I could not stop reading it. I commend you on how u put the povs names so well , makes the story alot smoother. Bonus we now know the maisterspeaker name! So when will the final installment come out? I am super excited to find out what happens next….

    Thank you again best Easter gift ever!

    • Hi Michelle,
      I’m really delighted to hear that you enjoyed it – thanks for letting me know! The target for Book 3’s release is October and I’m on schedule so far! If you have the time, please consider leaving a review – it really helps me out!
      Thanks again for getting in touch,

  2. Duncan,
    Really great yarn. I generally don’t do reviews but I will in this case. If only to get you off the dime and finish the trilogy.

    • Hey Grant, thanks for getting in touch – I’m really glad you liked it! Rest assured I’m hard at work on the next one, and thanks for the review! Duncan

  3. I foind this series as a recommendation from Amazon.. really pleased I started to read it. From the off it grabbed my attention and has held it through both books. Interesting take on using a story teller in the book to tell the story… Cant wait for the concluding part

    • Hi Peter,
      Really glad to hear that you enjoyed it. Book 3 should be out in October! If you have the chance, please consider leaving a review over on Amazon – it really helps me out! Thanks for getting in touch,

  4. Bittersweet book. I normally don’t start unfinished series and Amazon said it was a 2 book series but I’ve found out that it’s not quite a complete series when they say two books… !!!!

    Anyway, if you’re like me and you discover a new author who writes stories you like it’s quite fun to gobble up their collection of books. Off to pick up that Tattered trilogy I guess.

    Is that in the same world? I hope I didn’t inadvertently read the books out of order, if I did they made sense anyway.

    • Hi Ben, Society of the Sword is in the same world, but is standalone. Although it happens several years before Wolf of the North, there’s no problem reading it afterward. Book 3 will be out in October, so I hope that’s not too long a wait! Thanks for getting in touch, and I’m really glad you’ve enjoyed them! If you have the time, please consider leaving a review over on Amazon – it really helps me out!

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