Last Day to Get The Drake of White Peak!

I wanted to remind everyone that with Dragonslayer being released tomorrow, today is the last day for you to preorder, and get a copy of The Drake of White Peak!

Time has really flown and it’s hard to believe release is only one day away! Anyway, you can pick up a copy from any of the retailers listed on Tor’s Preorder Bonus page, where you’ll also find all the details of how to submit your proof of purchase and get your copy!

2 thoughts on “Last Day to Get The Drake of White Peak!

  1. Sent in my preorder receipt etc awhile ago and have not received The Drake yet. Will this be at a later date or?

    • Hi Erin,
      To the best of my knowledge the preorder bonuses will only start going out today. If you haven’t got it by the end of the week, let me know and I’ll follow up with my publisher. Thanks for checking out my work!

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