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Hey folks! I’m doing an Ask Me Anything over on Reddit today, so if you’ve a burning question you need answered, if it’s within my sphere of competence (small sphere!), I’ll do my best to answer. Here’s the direct link to it:

6 thoughts on “Reddit Ask Me Anything

  1. In future books will you address more of the past with The Shrouded Isles? The aspect of mystery that the area holds is intriguing.

    • Hi Ethan,
      It’s definitely on my ‘to do’ list, and I’ve some notes made out for it, but I’ve a bit of a list of things I want to do first. It’s a story I really want to tell, though, so it will happen – just not sure when! Thanks for getting in touch!

    • Lots of variables! Couldn’t say for sure – they have such different styles. I think the deciding factor would have to be external – like the location, or the available weapons. What do you reckon??

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