The Wolf of the North Audiobook!

My second announcement of the day is something I’ve really been looking forward to revealing for some time. My work is finally coming to audio! The Wolf of the North is the first book to be released, but the rest of my back catalogue will be coming out over the course of this year. I’ve teamed up with Podium Publishing for this to make sure it’s the very best it can be.

The Wolf of the North is narrated by Simon Vance. I hope you’ll agree that he was a fantastic choice, and that his voice and narration style are a perfect fit for the book. It’s a strange thing to hear your work read by someone else, but I’m really impressed with the job he did. If you like audiobooks, I think you’ll really enjoy his performance!

Release day is 16 May, but you can preorder your copy now at the following links:

Amazon US

Amazon UK


Audible US

Audible UK

6 thoughts on “The Wolf of the North Audiobook!

  1. Just finished “Wolf of the North”. Loved it. I also thought your writing to be top notch. I have thousands (literally) of audiobooks under my audiophile belt so I can say honestly that you have a fine future writing in this genre. Please hurry your other works to audible and save me from spending my money on the mediocre. Again loved Wolfric. Hope to get into his head a bit more in the next book. Ps.
    Just one last thing: some of the story was predictable so try to get more twisty/turny to surprise us. Premise is strong so get devious now. Ta. Can’t wait for more.

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