Well, the stress of launch week for The Wolf of the North is now in the rear view mirror, and I’m happily back to work on part two, the name for which shall be revealed soon!

In other news, I’m not usually one to toot my own horn, but I hope I can be forgiven for doing it this time. As a lifelong fantasy fan, it’s pretty overwhelming (understatement) to see this on the Amazon ranking page:screen-shot-2016-10-19-at-20-39-57

Finally, to everyone who has checked out Wolf of the North, thank you! It’s your support and interest in my work that allows me to continue doing this, and I am incredibly grateful for that!

14 thoughts on “Updates…

  1. I just finished The Wolf of the North. Absolutely amazing. I couldn’t put it down. I can’t wait to see how the rest of the story unfolds. Truly great story.

  2. It didn’t take long for me to realize that I was going to be taken by this story but it will take some time to except that I must wait for the story to continue. Get some rest, Maisterspaeker, because I’m going to be in the front row waiting for the story to continue and the first round is on me.

    • Hey PJ,
      Really glad you liked it! The next book should be out by April – things are on track so far! If you have the time, please consider leaving a review – it really helps me out! Thanks for getting in touch,

  3. Wulfric’s love for his family, village, and girlfriend makes him a hero the reader wants to follow. And the way you portrayed the warrior’s frustration and futility while waiting on the porch in this new world was unique. A little old English teacher, I wanted to roar when the hero makes a comeback in the end. I can’t wait for the second book. Thank you for the enjoyable read.

  4. Read the Wolf of the North just for something to read while at work on a boat, couldn’t put it down. Was a great book from beginning to end. Only disappointment was thinking I had 2 more books to read and finding out they are not yet published. Look forward to reading the next 2!

  5. Haven’t read much since the disappointment of waiting for Doors of Stone, the unsatisfying part two and three of Raven’s Shadow, another long wait for part three of Stormlight Archive, and not finding much coming close to the books above that were worth the duplicate reads. I sound like a snob, I know, but I gave it another go and was disappointed once again when I finished reading The wolf of the North because I found out that I’d be waiting once again for the continuation of another awesome series. For now on, I refuse to read any series until it has been completely released.

    Anyways, thanks for an awesome couple days. I really enjoyed your story. Specifically, the way the story is told. And I’ve always loved the “you don’t want to make him angry” hero; the one who when pushed, reaps chaos. And I like that I got a bit of that!

    • Hi Peter, thanks for getting in touch. I’m really glad to hear you liked The Wolf of the North. I totally get your frustration in having to wait for the follow up books in a trilogy – I’ve been in the same position many times myself. Unfortunately, it takes a while (way longer than I’d like!) to make sure a book is up to the standard where it’s worthy of someone spending their time and money on it. Both are in short supply these days, and if I’m going to ask someone to part with theirs for my book, I have to make sure it’s as good as it can be before putting it out there. Book 2 will be out in April, and the final part next Autumn. I hope that isn’t too long a wait!

  6. Completely captivated by “Wolf of the North” — devoured this beautifully-crafted tale in one go and look forward to Book 2 with greatest interest. Please say the continuation of this saga will be available soon? And thank you for a truly superlative read!

    • Hi Elisabetta, I’m really glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for letting me know! Book 2 will be available by early next April (2017). I hope that isn’t too far off! If you have the time, please consider leaving a review on Amazon – it really helps me out! I hope you have a great Christmas! Best wishes, Duncan.

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