Wolf of the North 3 Out Today!

As the title says, the day is finally here – Wolf of the North 3, The Blood Debt – is out today.

You can get it at the following links:



This marks the end of the Wolf of the North trilogy, which has been a pretty incredible experience for me to say the least. The support that readers have given me over the past year has been both overwhelming and humbling, and I appreciate that more than I can ever say. I only hope that I’m able to continue producing books that you enjoy reading, but rest assured I’ll be doing my very best!


14 thoughts on “Wolf of the North 3 Out Today!

  1. alright! thanks Mr. Hamilton I love this series! I have been reading all of the Society of the Sword series (started w First Blade of Ostia of course!) in the interim and these are great as well. I must say the WOTN are my favorites although! I love the world you have created. Downloading NOW…

  2. Hey there. Currently listening to the second book, loving it as much as the first so far. Was wondering, are there plans to bring the third to Audible as well, and if so, do you have a rough timeframe for that?

  3. I LOVED the books and am so saddened I’ve had to switch gears and listen to another audio book in the mean time until blood debt comes out. I do so much driving and was able to finish both books in a week. Truly, one of my favorite series I couldn’t stop listening to. Thank you.

  4. I just finished The Wolf Of The North in one day! That’s how much the story and characters intrigued me! I also admire how you’re not afraid to kill Of main characters. RIP Belgar…

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